High school football player who suffered severe head injury during a game dies

Rest in peace, Tyler.


14-year-old Tyler Christman was a bright student who loved football so very much. He was a freshman at Carthage Central School in New York and was loved by many. Unfortunately, during a game against West Genesee on Saturday, Tyler suffered severe injuries on the head which led to internal bleeding and swelling of his brain. Despite all the love and prayers his family and the entire community sent, he passed away.

The death of this young man left the entire country heartbroken.

Shorty before he left this world, Tyler’s parents completed their “hero walk,” a ceremonial event designed to honor patients before an organ donation.

It was his family which shared the devastating news. “We all prayed for a miracle to happen for you to be saved. Sadly, the damage was just too much,” father Jason wrote on Facebook.

Tyler’s school and all of the students united in grief for their loving friend.

Jason Brown, Carthage Central School’s district’s athletic director, and Joe Sech, football coach, expressed their sadness and offered condolences to the family of Tyler who left way too soon. Their joint statement read: “His ability to be an outstanding teammate and his infectious personality will be greatly missed by all that knew him. Words cannot describe how heartbroken we all are for the entire Christman family.”

Tributes came pouring from a huge number of people from the community and all around the country.

Peggy Gill, the person behind the candlelight vigil at Evans Mills Raceway, said, “We felt that it was important for the community to come together, have an opportunity to grieve and to hug and to tell stories.”

The family lost a loving son, and Tyler’s school lost a bright and very talented student. Rest in peace, you will never be forgotten.