Heroic dog refuses to leave kittens’ side in a burning house and helps save their lives

He could have run for his life, but Leo decided to stay inside the burning place and save his siblings.


If you believed that cats and dogs are sworn enemies, you might be living in a lie, well at least based on this incredibly cute and heartwarming story.

Leo is a hero Jack Russell coming from Melbourne, Australia. Why he was dubbed one is because he risked his own life for that of his feline siblings. Namely, the house where Leo and the kittens lived caught fire which spread throughout the entire place in a blink of an eye. His human mommy managed to take her kids out before it was too late, but failed to place the four-legged family members to safety.

Source: YouTube Screenshot/ All About Animals

Luckily, Leo was there to save the kittens from certain death. Although he was aware he was at risk, the dog refused to leave the kittens’ side and barked as loud as he could hoping that someone would hear his cries for help. And that is exactly what happened. Thanks to his barking, the firefighters could locate the animals just before the house became engulfed in flames.

Because of the smoke, Leo lost consciousness, but the firefighters managed to revive him. He was given a heart massage and an oxygen mask.

Source: YouTube Screenshot/ All About Animals

Speaking of his brave act, Ken Brown of Metropolitan Fire Brigade told The Telegraph: “Leo wouldn’t leave the kittens and it nearly cost him his life.”

You can take a look at the whole story in the video below. Leo thanks for your courageous act.