Helpless dog tied to a pole reaches out his paw to the officer who came to save him

Poor dog was tied with a very short leash, and he could barely move. The police officer realized that there was no more time to waste. The moment the dog saw her he reached out his paw as if he was asking for help.


It is hard to understand the reason why some people abandon the pets they once took care of. What is even more devastating than leaving a poor animal behind is letting them die without even giving them a second chance in life.

Shelters, no matter how crowded they are, would always offer help if someone decides they no longer want their pet, but despite that, many leave the poor animals at dumping grounds or on the streets.

Recently, police officer Angela Laurella from Florida came across a devastating sight. While on the job, she noticed a dog tied to a pole. The moment she approached closer, the sweet Pit Bull reached out his paw towards her as though he knew she was there to save him.

The dog, who was named Liam, was in a terrible condition. The leash he was tied with was way too short and he was unable to move despite the temperatures reaching almost 100 Fahrenheit the day he was found. Liam was emaciated and dehydrated, with every bone and rib protruding.

Source: YouTube

Laurella was awre she needed to act fast, so she contacted 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida. Although the shelter was over capacity, the founder, Amy Roman, couldn’t say no to welcoming Liam in.

Liam weighted 17 pounds only, and it was very obvious he had a hard life, but despite that, he never stopped smiling and loving everyone around. The staff at the shelter were amazed by his positive spirit and they knew he would start gaining weight, which is exactly what happened.

The road to a complete recovery won’t be an easy one for Liam. He’s still getting treatments and visits the vet very often, but Roman says he is thriving.

Once this loving dog gets better, he would be given up for adoption. One thing is certain, after everything he’s gone through, Liam deserves a forever home.

For more on his incredible life story go to the video below.