Heartbreaking photo shows shelter pit bull ‘losing hope’ after adoptions fall through — still looking for a home

A heartbreaking viral photo shows a shelter pit bull "losing hope" after all his adoptions fell through. But the shelter is still holding out hope that Rocky will find his perfect home.


Once considered “nanny dogs” and America’s most favorite breed, Pit Bulls are now seen as aggressive and not suitable to be around young children. The number of Pit Bulls that end up in shelters is the highest compared to any other breed. The sad reality is that most of these dogs end up being put down. The reason why is because of all misconceptions surrounding these otherwise loving and gentle dogs.

Over the years, people started using them for dog fighting which contributed to their bad reputation. Because of this same reason, they are bred and later abandoned.

But, whoever owned one may tell you that nothing really beats Pit Bulls. They are loyal and would do anything to defend their owners whenever they feel they are threatened.


Rocky is a three-year-old Pit Bull that ended up in a shelter. He’s been under the care of Lollypop Farm, Humane Society of Greater Rochester since October 2022 when his family decided they no longer wanted him to be part of their lives.

Used to living in a home and being surrounded with people, Rocky had a hard time adapting to the new environment.

Sadly, ever since ending up at the shelter, Rocky was adopted twice but he was returned back to the shelter both times.

“He was most recently returned this past September and has had no luck since. He’s a great dog, but he would thrive in a certain type of home that may be more difficult to find,” communications specialist Lindsay Brewer told Newsweek, explaining that Rocky would do best as the only dog in an adults-only home.

The photo of him passing his days at the kennel is beyond heartbreaking.

This beautiful dog is anticipating a new start, but there no seem to be a family around that would provide that to him.

This story is just another reminder that no dog should ever be left behind.

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