Harry and Meghan obeyed royal rules for the Queen’s farewell – showed “loving support” later

Meghan showed support to her grieving husband.


Ever since the moment they were born, the members of the British royal family have been living a life under the spotlight, and now, with the passing of Queen Elizabeth, whose reigning of 70 years has impacted and shaped history in many ways, all eyes are on the royals once again.

Among the rest, many are eager to see whether the relationship between the Sussexes, who stepped down from their royal duties back in 2020, and the rest of the family would get any better. Bridges have been burnt between them and things have been said, but experts are convinced that both Harry and Meghan are doing all in their power to smooth things down as their recent behavior has been interpreted as an attempt to offer an olive branch to the newly appointed King, Charles, and the Prince of Wales, William.

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When the media broke the news of the Queen’s ill-health in the morning of the day she passed away, Harry and Meghan happened to be in London for an event. This meant they were right there with the Royal Family through it all.

There is no doubt that Harry was heartbroken because of his loving grandmother’s death. It wasn’t a secret that she adored him and had a soft spot for him. Following Megxit, it was reported that Charles and William were left infuriated, which wasn’t the case with Queen Elizabeth. She was very sad, but she wasn’t mad at her grandson.

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During a service at Westminster Hall, which preceded Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, Harry and Meghan were spotted holding hands. The couple faced heavy criticism because it was a formal event, and allegedly, they weren’t supposed to show affection towards one another. According to the media, holding hands during such an occasion was disrespectful.

However, not many share this opinion. Journalist Lorraine Kelly said it was beautiful that the couple held hands as it showed Meghan was very supportive of her husband in his time of grief for someone that meant so much to him. “And on the way out [of the service] quite instinctively, he held hands with his wife as he should,” she told royal expert Jennie Bond.

Bond was on the same page with Kelly and said she couldn’t understand why the media would want Harry and Meghan to follow the protocol of not holding hands during a grand occasion such as that one.

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However, the Sussexes seemed to have paid attention to the criticism, so on the day the Queen was laid to rest, they were very formal and kept physical distance between them.

Katia Loisel, a body language expert, noted how the Duchess of Sussex kept her head bowed, hands clasped in front, and eyes downcast, unlike most of the procession that walked with their arms by their sides on the day of the funeral. She believed Meghan’s gesture was a sign of self-protection and showed uncertainty or discomfort and “a sign of respect.”

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Another body language expert, Judi James, analysed Meghan’s behavior at the funeral as well. She told Page Six that although the couple did not hold hands during the funeral, Meghan had certainly lent “silent support” to her husband. “She seemed to offer a continuation of that silent support to her husband while sitting and walking with a look of dignity tinged with sadness,” James said.

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