Teen presents Harry and Meghan with a hand drawn portrait and they can’t believe their eyes

"What on earth is your life??"

The newlyweds, Prince Harry and his bride Meghan Markle made their first official trip as a married couple in May landing in Ireland for two days.

The couple got the biggest surprise of their married life when a 19 year old girl presented them with a gift.

19-year-old Chloe Mullins had been preparing to see the newly married princess for several weeks. Princess Diana’s youngest son and Meghan took the time to greet the people of Ireland during their time on the Emerald Island.

Chloe stood in the crowd with a special gift in hand. She stretched her hand out, and caught the Prince’s attention.

Chloe had spent a lot time and energy sketching an image of the happy couple.  It was amazing.  She is so talented she was hopeful that they would accept her gift.

Here’s the sketch:

WOW!  Right?

The royal couple seemed to think so, appearing stunned by the present. Images of Meghan and Harry’s face clearly reveal how surprised and flattered they were.


What an amazing present!  The couple can enjoy that for many years to come.  I wonder how many gifts they get every day?