Granny pods allow your elderly parents to live in your backyard

I think the granny pod is a great idea! Who else agrees with me?


When our parents reach that age when they can no longer take care of themselves or need assistance doing everyday things, it’s on us to be there for them and find the most suitable solution. Sometimes, children decide that placing them at facilities is the best thing to do, others, however opt for taking them in with them. But there is also another solution that I guess fits both sides just perfectly, and that’s the MEDCottage places. 

These cottages, known widely as “granny pods” are portable apartments that are placed in the the yard. This allows the parents to be really close to you, and still enjoy their privacy and independence.  

“That wasn’t our name,” Ken Dupin, MEDCottage’s founder told CBS News. “You don’t get to choose your nickname.”

The places are just awesome. They include all the safety features that nursing homes have, such as safety rails, first aid kits, defibrillator, and more. 

There are also cameras installed so the caregivers could monitor the parents. 

If you love the idea of purchasing a granny pod for your mom and dad you have to be ready to spend between $85,000 and $125,000. 

The only difficulty related to these homes is the placing, but Virginia already passed a law allowing the placement of MEDCottages. 

Don’t you just love them?