Being trapped inside your own body unable to move or communicate and without anyone, including yourself, realizing you are still there might sound like the worst nightmare one could imagine. Unfortunately, that was the living hell the 11-year-old Victoria Arlen went through.

This girl used to be vibrant and lived her life to the fullest, but over time she experienced loss of mobility in her legs and quickly vent into vegetative state. Her parents could only witness their loving girl deteriorating in front of their eyes, unable to do anything to help her.


Eventually, doctors seemed to discover the reason behind her state. She had two autoimmune diseases that affected her brain and her spinal cord. The prognosis were bleak as the girl could neither move nor communicate, which led the doctors into believing she was mentally gone. But they were wrong. Victoria was still there, only no one was aware of that. Luckily, her parents never left her side and never lost hope that things could get better.

They were taken aback when they figured out their girl was struggling to communicate with them.


Victoria was aware of everything that was happening around her but she was unable to tell her parents that she could hear them. When she turned 15 she became completely aware she was cognitive but there was no way to reach to her parents and let them know that. The crucial point in her path to recovery was when she started moving her eyes thanks to the medications the doctors prescribed.

Today, she resembles the girl she once was, full of life and ready for any challenge. Her exuberant personality after everything she went through makes her one of a kind.

Take a look at the video to find out more about this miraculous recovery.

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