Girl grabs onto woman at a restaurant – woman’s unsettled until she learns about the child’s mother

The woman in this story was confused when the young girl refused to leave her table. When she learned the truth, she wanted to do anything to make her happy.


Molly Schultz, a mother of two adorable twin girls, was at a restaurant with her daughters. The three had fun talking and spending time together when a little girl approached them and joined their table.

Molly asked the little one about her name, but the girl didn’t answer. She just stood silent and couldn’t stop starring right at Molly’s eyes.

A few minutes passed by and Molly gazed around in an attempt to see if someone was looking for their child. But she didn’t see anyone the girl resembled to so she decided to let her stay with them for a few more minutes. Then, a man approached the girl and told her to go to their table because their food arrived. He said he was the little one’s father and apologized for any inconveniences his daughter might have caused.

Source: Tried & True Mama/Facebook

The girl rushed to her dad’s table, picked up her food, and sat next to Molly and the twins again. When her dad tried to take her with him, the girl didn’t want to go, so Molly said it was fine if she stayed with them until she finished eating.

The entire time, the girl never said a word, she just ate and starred at Molly, and that was it.

When the time came for Molly and her daughters to leave the place, they said goodbye to the girl, but she started following them. Molly tried to motion her towards her dad, but she refused to leave. This raised a red flag. “My mom radar was starting to go off and I got a little sick to my stomach,” Molly said as she was no longer sure if the man was truly the girl’s father.

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She hesitated whether to let the girl go with him, but he then came closer and started crying. He explained that he lost his wife and other daughter in a car accident, and the girl was left without her mother and sister so when she saw Molly and the twins she went to them because they reminded her of her loved ones whom she missed dearly. “I’m so sorry. My wife and other daughter recently died in a car accident and I guess she wanted to hang out with you guys,” the father said.

At that moment, everything made sense. The girl rushed towards her dad and took him by his hand after which the two left.

Source: Triedandtruemama/Instagram

Molly felt very sorry for their loss but this encounter reminded her that we should always appreciate what we have in life and spend as much time as we can with those who mean the world to us.