Gas station clerk sees a trembling woman and tells her to stand behind him to save her

What a brave man!


Not all heroes wear capes. Many come in the form of ordinary people with a heart of gold who are brave enough to step in for someone in need.

The story of one gas station worker’s heroic act went viral some time ago and people couldn’t help but praise his bravery. Manveer Komer was doing his job when he noticed a man and a woman trying to withdraw cash from the ATM at the gas station where he worked. The woman was in distress and Komer knew something wasn’t right.

When they failed to get the money from the machine, the man and the woman entered the place and came to the front desk. The man then tried to buy cigarettes with the woman’s credit card while she was looking at him with fear.

Komer approached the woman and told her to stay inside the store while he got outside to confront the man who turned out to be an abductor. “You come stand behind my back,” Komer told the woman, as per ABC News. “I’ll help you, no problem.”

As it turned out, the man carjacked the woman’s vehicle and drove her around in an attempt to steal her money.

When Komer confronted him, he pretended to have a gun in his pocket, but once he realized Komer would stop at nothing to help the trembling woman, the kidnapper jumped into the car and sped off. Luckily, authorities managed catch him by tracking down the signal from the woman’s phone which the kidnapper was using.

The entire incident was caught on camera and later shared online by news stations and news outlets.

“Manveer Komer, I hope you see all the wonderful comments about you on this thread. What you did is beyond commendable. Thank you for not turning a blind eye, and thank you for helping a woman you did not even know. You are one in a million, Mr. Komer,” one person wrote about this clerk’s bravery.

“Thank you for paying attention and stepping up to save this lady. I don’t know how you knew but I’m glad you where there,” another person added.

You can watch the shocking surveillance tape footage below.