Cute Fox Cubs Turn Grandma’s Porch Into Their Playground

The adorable fox cubs love grandma's porch so much that they decided to turn it into their personal playground.


Living near the woods has lots of advantages. You get to inhale fresh air, away from the heavy traffic, and get up every morning looking at the trees. What’s most, you also get to hang out with some wild creatures every once in a while. 

Reddit user that goes by the name “Vechrotex” shared cute photos of an adorable baby fox that spent a fun day at his grandma’s porch, and people loved it. 

The next day, however, something even better happened. The baby returned accompanied with his sibling, and the two decided the grandma’s porch was a perfect playground.  

They love the place so much that they visit it every single day. It’s spacious and fun and they enjoy running around it. Their mother keeps a close eye on them hiding behind the bushes and when she thinks her babies had enough fun, she calls the day off and helps them get back home. 

This all looks unreal and mesmerizing. I know I would want such cute visitors, don’t you?

We are glad Vechrotex and his grandma take so many photos of the cubs that they share with the rest of us.