Former rocker gets a makeover weeks before his wedding

But as his wedding day approaches, Dan changes his mind and decides to make some adjustments!


There comes a time in life when we feel the urge to change something about our appearance. Whether it is the dull hairstyle we’ve had for years or the clothes we got tired of, a little change is always refreshing.

Dan, who is an “old school” rocker, has had his wild mane for years. The reason why he never had the courage to have his hair cut short is that he doesn’t like the shape of his head.

Being a huge fan of rock music, it came natural to Dan to rock this hairstyle.

However, when he met the love of his life and their wedding day was approaching, he knew he needed a change, and so did his future wife Maria.

In order to be sure he wouldn’t regret his decision, he decided to turn to the professionals from the “Flip A Look” in “The Rachael Ray Show.”

As Maria is an anticipation to see her future husband’s new look, Dan undergoes an incredible makeover and stuns everyone, especially her.

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Peace and Love