Firefighters lend a helping hand when noticing mom filling her kids’ pool with a pot

The family's day was completely turned around after they showed up.


When we stumble upon stories about kindness and compassion, we feel like there is still a chance for this world to become a better place. Stepping in for one another is what humanity is all about and as soon as we become aware of that, life would become much easier for many of us.


One Charlotte, North Carolina mom was organizing a birthday party for her son. The weather was absolutely wonderful that day so she decided to surprise the kids by placing a kiddie pool in the yard. Everyone got excited and couldn’t wait to get inside the pool. The only problem was that the mom didn’t have a hose and filling the pool with water would take much more time than she anticipated.

The mom was using pots in order to carry the water from her kitchen to the pool while the children who were gathered around were getting impatient more and more.


Luckily, a group of firefighters were driving by the mom’s home at the time and noticed she was struggling, so without having a second thought, they decided to help her.

They grabbed the hose and filled the kiddie pool with water in no time. Needless to say, the kids were overly excited because that meant their pool party could finally start.

The mom was watching in disbelief. She was very thankful to the firefighters who made sure her son had the best party ever.


Charlotte Fire Station 18 took to Facebook to share the beautiful story.

“Firehouse 18 is a neighborhood firehouse full of men and woman who truly care about the families they swore to protect. Today, after leaving a medical call, Engine 18 stumbled across a family desperately trying to fill up a kiddy pool by filling pots from the sink for a little boys birthday on this sweltering day.

“What was just a simple task for us turned into laughter, smiles, and a lifelong memory for the neighborhood kids as well as the men on Engine 18? Proud to serve the WESTSIDE!”

They could simply pass by and continue doing what they were doing, but instead, they decided to make this family’s day one to remember.

Needless to say, people who saw the post couldn’t help but share their thoughts, with one person writing, “This is awesome, brought tears to my eyes. Those kids will remember what you did. Thank you from PA. Stay safe.”

What a beautiful story of kindness and humanity at its best.