Father who posted pleas to be with daughter battling COVID-19 asks for prayers after teen suffers setback

Charlee, we pray for you to get well soon and go home with your mom and dad who love you unconditionally.


Just as the whole world was hoping the pandemic could be coming to an end, the number of people affected by Covid-19 has increased in most of the countries. The number of cases since the start of this craziness that shook every single person on the planet is over 37.5 million, with over 1 million deaths worldwide.

The reality is that no one is spared. It can affect grown-ups, elderly, and children. Some researches even suggest that animals could get it and spread it too.

Charlee Swearingen is a 16-year-old girl who contracted the virus two weeks ago and her story went viral after her dad, Kevin Swearingen, took to Facebook to chronicle his daughter’s journey. At the beginning, Charlee, who is in a wheelchair and nonverbal because of a rare genetic neurological disorder known as Rett syndrome, was feeling okay, but soon after, her condition changed for worse as her oxygen levels dropped alarmingly. The teen was rushed to the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston where she was placed on life support.

Charlee’s treatment consists of receiving the antibodies from Covid-19 survivors to help her fight the virus.

Initially, one parent at a time was allowed to be by her side, but that policy changed at the end of September and Kevin’s wife Jana was the only one to be able to be by their daughter’s side.

Kevin was posting pleas on Facebook every single day and was spending his days outside the hospital, right under his daughter’s room’s window. He was asking for the policy to change so that he could be able to enter Charlee’s room even if he had “to wear a NASA suit.” Eventually, the hospital allowed two caregivers per patient to be able to enter the hospital and he was reunited with his girl.

Kevin is still posting about Charlee’s condition, which sadly worsened. Doctors are now putting her back on a ventilator after they used tubes to inflate her lungs which are “still full of gunk.” He’s asking from people to pray for his daughter and says the messages they are getting from people from all over the country and beyond is what gives them the strength to endure during these hard times for the family.

Charlee, we pray for you to get well soon and go home with your mom and dad who love you unconditionally.