Evidence of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck splitting up comes to light

The evidence that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are heading for divorce is mounting... check comments to see the latest shocking update.


While promoting her new Netflix movie Atlas in Mexico, singer and actress Jennifer Lopez was asked point blank of the rumors regarding her alleged split from husband Ben Affleck to what she replied, “You know better than that.”

In the background, JLo’s co-star, Simu Liu, could be heard coming to her defense. “OK, we’re not doing that,” he said, before adding: “Come on, don’t come in here with that energy, please. Thank you so much.” 

However, besides her response, body language expert Judi James believes JLo revealed signs that say otherwise.

“Lopez is no stranger to high-profile marriage and high-profile divorce so must have been expecting questions like this one, given all the recent speculation about her relationship with Ben.

“The fact that her body language here makes her appear wrong-footed and awkward might not go far then in terms of the reassurance fans are hoping for.”

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Judi continued: “When the question about their relationship comes from the audience her initial reaction is to keep the mic to her mouth as though willing to speak, but she lets out an explosive laugh into it instead.

“Tellingly, her ring hand lifts from her knee as though forming a silent signal of solidity but then she seems to stuff the hand between her knees instead, looking at her host while acting bouncy and smiling.”

“Jen cocks her head as she looks across in a gesture of likeability,” Judi added. “She then seems to try to take control, leaning onto her knees with a serious facial expression. ‘You know better than that’ is her line here, while the ring hand fiddles. Her body language announces ‘that’s it’ as she then wipes her ring hand on her leg and leans back and looks away.”

JLo has been promoting the new sci-fi film for which she is a producer, without Affleck, 51.

Earlier this week, when InTouch magazine wrote that Lopez and Affleck had called it quits, they also implied that Affleck had vacated their shared home in Beverly Hills and has been staying in his Brentwood residence for the past week.

The couple have been last pictured together in March in New York City.

Reports have suggested that the singer was in search of a separate residence apart from her husband.

Lopez and Affleck married in July 2022 following a second engagement. Since tying the knot, their relationship has been under the spotlight, particularly after she disclosed that her prior relationship with Affleck had “crumbled under the pressure.”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have not issued any official statement regarding these rumors.

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