Every Child Who Visits His House Dies and There Will be More

That man is truly a blessing!


In times when we lose our faith in humanity someone generous and humble like Mohamed Bzeek restores it. Really, no words can describe this man’s selflessness and kindness, and when you’ll learn why, you will realize that not all heroes wear capes, some look like ordinary humans who do so much good for those in need that they deserve every praise. 

Mohamed is a foster parent, but what is special about him is that he only fosters terminally ill children no one else is willing to take in. 


Mohamed made helping these kids during their final days his life mission after he was diagnosed with colon cancer and had to go to the hospital and have surgery all by himself. When he showed up there, doctors asked about his family. Unfortunately, Mohamed’s wife passed away, and his son is handicapped, so he felt what it feels like to be petrified and have no one by your side. 

He said how he doesn’t want any kid to feel the same.  

Mohamed’s story is so touching that it makes all of us become better people than we are today and offer a helping hand to the most vulnerable ones. It’s because of people like him that this world goes round and turns into a better place. Mohamed’s deeds are a light in the darkness of many kids. 

Inspired by a story in the LA Times, Margaret Cotts started a GoFundMe for Mohamed Bzeek and his foster children. Thankfully, many who gave this man a recognition for what he does supported him, and he can now take even better care of the ill children he fosters.