Ellen meets three incredible homecoming queens from same school

Ellen is brilliant - I love this.


Teenage years are that period of life when you have all the time to have fun, make lots of friends, be free, and try a bunch of exciting things for the first time. But, teenage years can also be hard for some. When you are not that cool person everyone greets at the school cafeteria and you have troubles making friends, you may get to despise those school days.

Lillian Skinner is one of those girls who’s not really outgoing and many times she feels like an outcast. That is why her being nominated for homecoming queen made her feel confused. But besides that, she felt deep down how this could be the chance for her to shine and break away. Did this mean she would finally be able to make people like her? Questions like this occupied this young lady.

Sadly, the happiness didn’t last long as Lillian soon discovered how her nomination was a way for some kids to prank her. The two girls who were really nominated were Anahi Alvarez and Naomi Martinez. When these two kindhearted girls learned of what those bullies did to their classmate they agreed that whoever gets the crown pass it to Lillian.

When the so much anticipated night rolled around, Ahani got the crown and was named a homecoming queen. As everyone in the crowd cheered, Ahani did the most amazing thing ever. She said thank you and asked Lillian to take the stage after which she offered her the crown. This action was a true inspiration for many. The girls were praised for their kind deed and their story was heard by many people, among which our favorite host Ellen. She invited the three girls onto her show and presented them with a sweet surprise.

If you want to know what it was, take a look at the video below.

Source: YouTube