Strangers step in to ease struggles of great grandma raising 6 children on her own

"They mean so much to me. They’re my heart. I had to rescue them," she said.


If you’re worried that your faith in humanity is dwindling down to nothing, fear not, because the FOX5 Surprise Squad is here with another heartwarming story that comes just in time for Christmas.

This time, the squad got a call from Alicestine Miller, known as Ms. Alice who was worried sick about her best friend, 72-year-old Ms. Ella, and the tough conditions she was living in. The most concerning was the fact that this elderly lady didn’t live alone at the old house, but with her six great-grandchildren. No matter how unbelievable this may sound, this brave great-grandmother is taking care of these kids all on her own.

When the Squad heard Ms. Ella’s story they were happy to lend a helping hand and give this woman the recognition she deserves.

When the Surprise Squad paid Ms. Ella a visit, she couldn’t believe her eyes and was so overwhelmed that tears started rolling down her face. She couldn’t find words to express how much the kids mea to her.

“Oh Lord, they mean so much to me,” she said. “They’re my heart.”

Not willing to go into details, probably because it was too painful to speak of her life she only added:

“I had to rescue them”

This woman’s place was about to be turned into a real home as a group of handymen and plumbers were about to complete the plumbing updates and maintenance.

However, they had another surprise in their sleeve. For this very special occasion, the team flew Ms. Alice from California and the two friends could spend some time having fun and catch up for all that time they haven’t seen each other.

After the place was complete, it was as well furnished with furniture, beds for the kids, new carpets, and other appliances. They even got a bunch of Christmas decorations.

When the time came for Ms. Ella to enter her fully transformed house she was left speechless by the sight. It was a completely new house that resembled a home. With the Christmas tree and all those decorations, the spirit of the holiday and the warmth of the season were now there for the family to feel and enjoy.

Under the Christmas tree there was another present. A $500 gift card for each of the kids.

It was the most unbelievable experience. Who would have though that this family’s life could take such turn for the better?

“They are going to have a fit,” Ms. Ella cried. Christmas this year was going to be vastly different than years before — “so different and so happy,” she said.

The Surprise Squad even arranged for the rent to be fully paid for one year. These people seemed to be sent from God to give hope that things are not always as bad as they seem.

“Trust in the Lord,”  Ms. Ella said, “and he’ll make a way for you.”

The kids were as surprised as their great-grandmother. Their faces were all smiles.

“It’s a big Christmas miracle,” Ms. Ella’s great-granddaughter said.

“It’s not about the presents,” said one great-grandson. “It’s about loving your family.”

And to be honest, we can’t agree more.

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