Elderly lady stuns passersby with her incredible piano-playing skills

She is simply incredible!


Music has a healing power and everyone who has ever found comfort in the tune of their favorite song can tell you that.

Today, when the pandemic that changed the way we live is still ongoing, looking at some incredible gatherings between strangers that took place by pure chance remind us of the good times and teach us a lesson that we should never take things for granted.


The video below which shows an elderly lady playing the piano in public was taken before the lockdown, but was now shared to remind us of the beauty of being together.

The lady plays like a real goddess and the passersby can’t help by stop and listen to the incredible music she produces. She plays the stride and ragtime and people take their phones out to take videos. Well, this isn’t something you come across every day.

Take a look at the incredible atmosphere this lady created. I really wish I was at the mall that day.