Dying wife asks husband’s permission to fulfill her final wish—to sleep with her ex one last time

My dying wife of 10 years asks for permission to sleep with her ex for the last time before she dies. I don't know whether to agree.


Reddit users were shocked by a problem shared by a user on the platform who goes under the name throwawayforeife.

He shared his post explaining how his wife was given a dull diagnosis and only months to live after she was diagnosed with terminal illness. Having promised to stay by her side through sickness and health, he decided to do all in his power to ease her life and grant all of her wishes, not knowing that her final wish was to sleep with her ex one last time.

This request was truly a shocking one. He was completely lost when he heard his wife’s words. It didn’t sound real that she would ever wish such a thing.

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When he asked her why she wanted to do that, she said that her ex was her “most physically compatible” and “satisfying lover.” What’s more, she said she felt emotionally satisfied with him as well.

As expected, the Reddit user was left utterly heartbroken. He had no idea his wife of ten years was feeling that way.

However, knowing that she was dying, he wasn’t sure whether to agree and let her be with her ex for one final time.

Confused and humiliated, he asked the online users for advice. As expected, people struggled to decide which position to hold regarding the issue.

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One user wrote that throwawayforeife should stand by his principles and resist manipulation.

Another person said he should file for divorce and then let her go to her ex. He added that he shouldn’t accept her back when she’s fragile and unable to take care of herself any longer.

“I would probably not even be able to stay with that person if they had told me that was what they wanted to do,” another person wrote.

This truly is a very tricky situation.

What are your thoughts on this?

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