Dog abandoned outside shelter with heartbreaking note and tears in her eyes — soon she gets good news

Minerva was abandoned outside a shelter with a heartbreaking note and tears in her eyes: "Our hearts broke for her. She was so terrified." But soon, her life turned around... check the comments to read her story.


A five-month-old Cane Corso/pit mastiff puppy was abandoned at the Pennsylvania SPCA headquarters. The little one was tied to a pole along with a note that read, “Good Puppy. House Broken. Don’t Have A Name.”

According to a Facebook post, the puppy was healthy, but it looked like she had been crying.

“We literally had to wipe away the tears from her eyes,” the SPCA wrote.

“Our hearts broke for her. She was so terrified… At just five months old, this sweet girl has been abandoned by likely the only family she has known.

“But she was safe with us now.”

The unexpected visitor was named Minerva, and she was there to stay, well, until the SPCA found her a new home.

Minerva’s story was so touching that it attracted the attention of a huge number of people and it didn’t take long before the right people contacted the shelter and asked to adopt her.

Of course, many were glad Minerva’s story got a happy ending.

“Congratulations to beautiful Minerva and her equally beautiful forever family,” one comment on the post reads. “Thank you for adopting this sweet baby and giving her such a wonderful home with you.”

“Ohhh look at those smiling faces!!!” another wrote. “You are amazing!! She’s gonna be spoiled! No more tears there!”

Minerva is among the lucky ones who end up in families that provide them with love and care, but sadly, the number of dogs who never get adopted is huge.

The SPCA encourages people to consider adoption over purchasing their four-legged friends.

“We are seeing the frequency of dogs abandoned on our property rise,” the Pennsylvania SPCA wrote. “We are witnessing owner surrenders increasing. It may go without saying that adoptions have slowed down significantly.”

“Dogs just like Minerva are coming in every day. We are rescuing animals from cruelty and neglect. We are saving them after they’ve been abandoned. And we are hoping with all of our might that loving families will come to adopt.”

We are so happy for Minerva and we truly hope that more dogs will get to find their forever home.

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