Destined to always be doll size: A look at little Thumbelina girl’s Life in the present

Destined to always be doll size: A look at little Thumbelina girl’s Life in the present.


Abigail Lee is a two-year-old girl who looks way younger, and the reason for that is that she suffers from a specific form of dwarfism.

When she was born, Abigail was diagnosed with Microcephalic osteodysplastic primordial dwarfism type II, which according to the National Library of Medicine is the most common form of microcephalic primordial dwarfism characterized by extreme short stature and microcephaly along with distinctive facial features.

Sadly, this condition is usually accompanied by other health issues, including abnormal dentition, a slender bone skeletal dysplasia with hip deformity and/or scoliosis, insulin resistance / diabetes mellitus, chronic kidney disease, cardiac malformations, and global vascular disease. 

However, despite her condition, Abigail hasn’t been diagnosed with any of the conditions listed above. What’s most, she seems to be super healthy so far.

She weights only 9 pounds and her parents sometimes take her outside using a doll stroller, because that’s how big Abi is.

This beauty brings joy to her parents and family. She always smiles, and loves being around people.

We truly hope that she would do even better in the years to come and she would be able to do everything other kids her age do, like attending school and having fun with friends.

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