Deaf mom left in tears after being denied service at a Burger King drive-thru

Rachel Hollis who has hearing-impairment pulled up at the Burger King drive-thru and typed her order on her phone. Little did she know the employee would call the police on her.


Living with an impairment can be challenging. Unfortunately, people nowadays are not that considerate towards those who cope with certain disability. A woman named Rachel Hollis, who is hearing-impaired, experienced humans’ lack of empathy first hand when she tried to get some food at a Burger King drive-thru in Oklahoma.

Rachel typed her order out on her phone and handed it to the employee. But instead of getting what she ordered, she was given a piece of paper with something written on it.

At that moment, she felt so humiliated that she could barely hold her tears back.

The employee was looking at her with aversion and instead of serving her, he slammed the window and started yelling.

Rachel somehow knew things would turn for the worst so she hit the record button on her phone.

Handling her the note that said, “I can’t do a full order at the window. It’s too busy,” that rude server expected from Rachel to just leave. But as she stayed where she was, he told her to come inside and then called the police.

Completely unaware of what she did wrong, this mother was left overwhelmed.

She didn’t want to show any weakness in front of that rude person so she did her best not to cry, but once she left the place, she just couldn’t stop her tears from rolling down her face.

“I was very upset, I was crying, I was tired. I’m tired of discrimination,” she explained. “I’ve never experienced anything like that, for someone to call the police. That’s crazy, it just doesn’t seem right,” she told KFOR.

Later, after the public learned of the incident, Burger King said in a statement for KFOR that they fired the employee.

“All guests should be treated with respect and provided with a high level of service at our restaurants. The restaurant owner has reached out to the guest and her family to apologize, the employee was terminated and all employees at the location will undergo additional sensitivity training to ensure our customers always feel welcomed.”

We can never understand those people who enjoy hurting and humiliating others. We are glad that rude employee got sacked, because that’s exactly what he deserved.