Deaf hiker falls 700 feet, but when rescuers finally find her, she isn’t alone

Twenty-one-year-old Amelia Milling, who is deaf, isn’t afraid of challenging herself and decided to climb a mountain in Alaska by herself. But something went wrong and she ran and fell 700 feet down the mountain. Then a rescue helicopter found her — but to their amazement, she wasn’t alone...


Amelia Milling is a 21-year-old hiker who loves being outdoors. She’s a pro, but recently she found herself in trouble after one of her trekking poles suddenly snapped and she lost her balance. As a result, she fell 300-feet down the side of the snowy mountain, hitting a large boulder on the way down. Shortly after, she fell 400 more feet down. Surprisingly, she only hurt her leg and didn’t sustain any major injuries.

As she was on the ground, Amelia, who is deaf, saw a creature that resembled a wolf and got very scared but she soon realized it was in fact a white husky.

The dog had a collar around the neck and Amelia assumed he belonged to someone. The dog, whose name was Nanook, was in fact a specially trained dog to help lost hikers find their way back home.

Amelia felt she was safe and she and Nanook got back on the trail. However, as they came upon a river they needed to cross, Amelia was pulled down by the strong current. As she was dragged down, Nanook grabbed a hold of her backpack and managed to pull her out of the water to safety.

Amelia then used her SPOT beacon (a GPS device that alerts rescuers of her location).

Thanks to it, rescuers located Amelia and the hero dog shortly after.

She says that Nanook is her real life hero. He never missed her side and saved her from drowning so she treated him with some snacks and is forever grateful she got to meet him.

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