Dad wants to buy parts for son’s walker but the store has a surprise

He just looks so happy! The staff definitely went above and beyond.


When sweet baby Logan was born, his parents Christian and Justin Moore were overly excited. Their bundle of joy was a vibrant little boy who brought so much joy into their lives.

At the beginning, Logan seemed to be developing just perfectly, but his parents noticed he had difficulties raising his head. This, of course, didn’t concern them a great deal as they knew not every child develops at the same pace. But as time passed by, they also noticed how Logan couldn’t sit up at the age he was supposed to be able to do it.

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Christian and Justin took him to the doctor’s again, but this time, they were given some news they didn’t expect to hear. Logan had hypotonia, or a condition known as a floppy baby syndrome resulting in low muscle tone and reduced muscle strength.

The good thing is that this condition is treatable but it takes a lot of time and patience, something both Logan and his parents were more than willing to invest in order for him to be able to walk one day.

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Christian and Justin tried different things in order to ease their only child’s movements. They bought him leg braces, but it wasn’t enough. Sweet Logan needed a walker as well. Sadly, the Moore’s health insurance wouldn’t give them a mobility walker, but they were determined to do all they can in order to get him one.

Justin then came up with the idea to build one. All he needed to do was buy some parts from Home Depot and follow the instructions that he found online. He hoped they wouldn’t cost a lot of money and was carrying Logan with him when he went shopping.

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Once there, he asked the service desk manager, Cathy Ennsley, whether they had the parts he needed. She was curious to learn why he needed them, so Justin told her his son’s story. Cathy said she had to consult with the store’s manager and see whether they could help him with the parts. But she had something else in mind.

Namely, Cathy though Logan was very sweet and he definitely deserved to have his walker, so she told the manager how she wanted her and the employees to build it for Logan and surprise him and his father. The manager agreed and Cathy told Justin how some of the parts he was looking for were at the storage and asked him to return in an hour.

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Justin had no idea the day will turn into one of the best in their life ever.

When they got back to the store, the workers had already constructed the mobility walker for little Logan.

When Justin saw it, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Cathy even told him how it was on them and he didn’t need to pay anything for it.

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The smile on the boy’s face when he could finally make his first steps on his own, using just the walker, was enough for the manager and the employees at Home Depot. They were very glad they could step in for the family.

Source: Jeffrey Anderson/Facebook

We hope Logan would be soon healthy and would walk without any kind of assistance. As for now, he’s doing his best and is glad there are kind people out there who make his life better.

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