Customers Are Hit With ‘Truth’ After Man Pays For Groceries

People were surprised when the stranger swooped in and paid for their grocery bills with his phone. But it's what the cashier revealed that got their hearts racing…


Among all the pranks we get to see on YouTube, most of which tend to
bamboozle people and make them feel bad about themselves, a man named Stuart Edge who is widely known as an ultimate prankster, brings to us something quite different.

His viral videos of good pranks bring laughter and joy at the people from all around the world. To be honest, to come up with a perfect prank is not an easy job, but Stuart gets assistance from real professionals who help him pull his ideas off. In the last video, he got a helping hand from his friends Bart Johnson and Charan Prabhakar, from Disney’s High School Musical.

As Stuart says, “It’s the holiday season and it’s a great time to focus our efforts on giving back,” and we can’t agree more. 


Bart and Charan are playing store cashiers, nicely dressed in green aprons, and completely into their role. 

Stuart comes up with the ultimate plan of helping random customers by offering to pay for their groceries pretending to be an angel sent from Heaven. 

So, while many people who are doing their shopping at the store wait in queue, out of the blue, a man in a fully white outfit comes along and starts a conversation with them.


Stuart approaches and says he is coming from “management” that’s “upstairs.” 

The cashiers are very chatty and “can’t see” the man in white who makes small talks with the customers insinuating he is a real angel. The next thing he does leaves them completely puzzled as he places his smartphone near the pay station and pays for their bill. Once he does it, he just walks off while the people stare at him wondering what is going on. 

After this, the cashiers ask the customers whether they’ll use their credit card or cash to pay for their groceries, which confuses them even further. They say how their bill was paid already by the man in white who had just wandered off the store. 


The shoppers are left in disbelief and can’t figure out how the cashiers don’t see the “angel.” When they point to the direction he left, Bart and Charan tell them how the managements’ offices are in the opposite direction which baffles the shoppers even more. 

Most people reacted with a smile, but there was one particular family whose reaction was so overwhelming that Stuart couldn’t proceed with the prank. 


This family was struggling to make ends meet as they were about to pay for the groceries using their credit card. It was their son’s fifth birthday so they simply had to do everything in their power to buy things and celebrate it the right way.

This touched Stuart and the whole crew so they asked the parents to get back into the store and buy everything they need, all covered up. 

They couldn’t believe the kind gesture and tears of joy rolled down their faces. This kindness was their ultimate Christmas present. Now they wanted to do a good deed for someone else and pay the generosity forward. This was the best “thank you” Stuart could get. 

Take a look at the heartwarming video below. It may inspire you to become a “Secret Santa”, or like in this case a “Secret Angel” to someone in need of some holiday magic.