Couple leaves 16-week-old twins locked up for four days so they could go party – one baby dies, the other fights for life

The emaciated babies were discovered by the worried grandmother.


Not everyone deserves to be a parent. Some people are so careless when it comes to their children that the little ones end up being severely neglected and not cared for properly.

Sadly, such was the case with two 16-week-old twins from Russia whose parents locked them up and left them alone for four days so that they could go out and party. The friends of 23-year-old Margarita Yanayeva and 35-year-old Alexey were surprised to see them out partying during lockdown drinking binge and wondered who was taking care of the little ones, to what the parents responded that the twins were in the hospital being treated for coronavirus.

A source said, “In the course of four days they were not feeding the children, and did not arrange alternative care for them,” as reported by the Daily Mail. “Instead, they ‘subjected them to hunger, did not ensure hygiene, leaving the minors in a socially dangerous state.” They didn’t even bother to check on their children, neither they put any effort in finding someone who could take care of them while they were having fun.

The babies were only discovered after the grandmother tried contacting the parents but failed to reach them. She knew the area of Vilyuchinsk was under lockdown but she still decided to go and see if everything was fine as she was concerned for the safety of the family.

When she entered the apartment, she was left in shock and immediately alerted the police. The babies were in a very bad condition and were immediately rushed to a hospital in Russia’s Kamchatka region.

Sadly, one of the babies, the boy, was so emaciated that he passed away while the baby girl is fighting for her life. The cruel parents have been charged with murder and face up to 20 years in prison if found guilty.