Camera footage shows a leopard visiting one particular cow every single night

The video has already been a success on the Internet, and to date, it has amassed over 10 million views on YouTube alone, and many animal lovers are in awe of what they saw. So worth watching!


Speaking of incredible stories, the following is probably the most remarkable of all. And as it is not entirely unusual for different species to make good friends, such as cats and dogs, seeing a predator getting affectionate with a herbivore does sound impossible.

The elders of one Pakistani village were concerned for the safety of the children as one leopard was spotted walking through the streets and then running to the outskirt of the village. Although seeing leopards in this part of the country isn’t that unusual, they don’t really get close to where humans live. So, in an attempt to protect themselves, the villagers contacted Animals Asia Foundation and plead for help.

The organization’s staff decided to step in and help. They, however, were intrigued as to why the leopard would visit one specific house every night, that of the village headman. The answer stunned them.

After setting up cameras, they discovered that the leopard was visiting one particular cow. The footage shows the two animals hugging, licking one another, and even sleeping by each other’s side.

While the rest of the cows could be seen trembling with fear, this one cow has been overly excited to have the wild animal by her side.

Source: YouTube/ Incredible Stories

Once the photos and the video of the incredible encounter were shared online, the story caught the attention of millions of people from all around the world.

However, after the leopard sensed he was tracked down by humans, he stopped visiting the cow and was nowhere to be seen for a couple of months. Then, all of a sudden, he came back to see his friend once again, and that was it.

The only logical explanation behind this unusual friendship is that the leopard was left without a mother as a cub and found shelter by the cow’s side. The cow probably nursed him and didn’t see him as a threat because he was still a tiny baby when she first met him, so her maternal instinct kicked in.

Honestly, you really need to see this with your own eyes in order to believe it. Check out the video below and don’t forget to SHARE it with your family and friends on Facebook! It has been seen nearly 7 million times in less than a month. So worth watching!