Bride-to-be skips engagement photos to share memorable moment with her dying father

When her father was diagnosed with cancer, Becky Carey was determined to make him part of her wedding, even if it meant breaking tradition. This is so touching to witness.


Many girls believe that “even if they find their prince one day, their daddy will always be their king” and this is very true because fathers always have a special place in their daughter’s heart and life. 

Becky Carey’s boyfriend popped the question and that made her the happiest girl out there. However, her joy was not complete because she knew that her loving father who was diagnosed with cancer wouldn’t probably make it for her wedding. 

U.S. Air Force Colonel Timothy Carey fought against the disease as much as he could and prayed to see his daughter in white on her big day. Becky was determined to make his dream come true so instead of taking engagement photos with her fiance, she decided to spend the time with her father instead. The two danced and had the time of their life and the photos are there to always remind this girl of how lucky she was to be having such brave and caring father. 

“We whispered to each other this was just practice,” Becky Carey told Good Morning America. “But I choked up at the end, realizing how important it was.”

The person behind the emotional photo-shoot, Bonnie Turner of Bonnie Turner Photography said how she felt blessed to witness such touching moments between a father and a daughter. 

“Photos are everything you have when people are gone, it’s what we have to look back on to feel that person with us,” she said speaking to GMA.

Turner even started a GoFundMe page to help the bride-to-be with the expenses around the photography and the wedding which helped raise more than $8,000. 

“I shared their heartfelt story on Facebook and so many of you have given a tremendous outpour of love. You all have asked to donate to her engagement photos and wedding expenses,” Turner wrote. 

The incredible photo-shoot took place on Oct. 14, 2018, and Becky’s wedding was scheduled for September 2019. She was grateful she had the “just in case” dance with her daddy because he lost the battle with cancer on March 2019. 

Becky’s wedding started with a video of her and her dad dancing. The guests were overflown with emotions and couldn’t contain their tears that kept rolling down their faces. The two danced to their favorite song, “Unchained Melody.” 

“He fought cancer harder than anyone. He should have died at least seven times prior. I know he was holding on for me,” the bride said.

Throughout his career of 30 years, Becky’s father earned many honors and took part in many military missions. His life ended just four days after Becky’s engagement and she’s forever grateful he was part of it. 

“I had been in chosen denial about how sick he was. We were able to talk and laugh,” Becky told Inside Edition.

“He started crying, so of course I started crying,” Becky recalled when she spoke of the day of their last dance. “It was sad. But it was also beautiful.”

Col. Carey passed away in his home. 

“We found him at 7:30 in the morning,” his daughter said of finding him in the exact position he had been in when they tucked him in the night before. “He didn’t move. I think it was very peaceful.”

This touching “just in case” dance will make you call your dad and tell him how much you love him, of course in case you are among those lucky ones who still have their ‘king’ in their life.