Bride thinks her first dance is ruined – Therefore, her husband calls behind her back her favorite country artist to sing live at their marriage

The bride, returning to the stage, begins to swing again with her groom. He accepts it with love. When they turn around and start facing the scene, she gets the surprise of her life.


The wedding ceremony is an important part of couple’s lives so it doesn’t come as a surprise that the newlyweds do all in their power to make the experience the best there is. From the wedding gown, to the flowers and the venue, everything needs to be perfect.

The first dance is also a big part of the most important day of couple’s lives, so when the song was interrupted shortly after bride and groom Melissa Baker and Brad Hewitt started dancing, she was certain their first dance was ruined.

The song was “Like There’s No Yesterday” by Mark Wills, who happened to be the bride’s favorite artist.

As everyone was waiting for the music to be fixed, a voice could be heard saying, “We are gonna do a live version if you don’t mind.” The newlyweds then got ready for their dance again. She didn’t assume anything, but then, as the song started again, she noticed Mark Willis himself taking the stage.

Her reaction is priceless, to say the least. She starts screaming and laughing and is in complete disbelief.

This beautiful and meaningful surprise only confirmed what Melissa knew all to well, that Brad was the one. Her soulmate and the great love of her life.

This video is so worth watching. You can see it below.