Boy helps old man with shaking hands pick up groceries from floor, man gives him tiny parcel

I've never had to deal with anything like this before.


12-year-old Jason Kent was busy finding his favorite chocolate that his mom promised to get him at the aisles of Molly’s Supermarket in Ohio when his attention was attracted by an elderly man who struggled to do his groceries.

The man’s hands were trembling and he had a hard time putting the fruits and vegetables inside the bag as they kept falling on the floor. Using a cane, he couldn’t easily bend to pick them up.


At that moment, Jason forgot about the box of Ferrero Rocher he wanted so much and decided to lend the man a helping hand.

“Here, sir,” the young boy said as he scooped up the potatoes scattered on the floor around the man. “You can tell me what vegetables you want, and I’ll pick them up for you.”

“Thank you very much, young man. So many people passed by me, but nobody bothered to help. What’s your name?” the man asked with a smile on his face.

“I’m Jason. You don’t need to thank me. My dad always used to tell me that we must protect and serve those in need! You see, he was a brave police officer!”


Hearing the word WAS, the man was eager to learn what happened to Jason’s father. “My dad died while serving our country, so it’s just mom and me now. I sometimes wish he wasn’t a cop because I miss him, but mom told me that everyone considers dad a hero! I want to be like him when I grow up because he helped the good people and punished the rotten heads!” Jason said proudly. “Should we grab your vegetables now?”

“Oh, I see, I see,” the man said and continued to introduce himself. “My name is Alfred,” he said. “I once had a little boy just like you. My wife and I loved him so much….” But as the man was starting his story, Jason’s mom called her son and told him to hurry up because they were already running late.

“Just a minute, Alfred, I’ll be right back,” Jason said and rushed towards his mom. He explained to her that Alfred needed help because his hands were trembling and that he needed to help him.

“If you want to leave, you can go. I need to help Alfred. His hands keep trembling, and he can’t hold anything. Dad would be disappointed if I didn’t help him….”


His mom, Stella, took a look at Alfred and told Jason that they would both help him with his groceries.

Shortly after, as the three were ready to leave the store, Stella offered to take Alfred home, but he said he can do by himself.

Realizing he hadn’t had anyone to talk to, Stella suggested that they take a seat at the bench in the park and chat for a while. Alfred loved the idea.


There, he shared his life story with Stella and Jason and explained that he once had a son who got killed in a car crash. His wife died shortly after because she couldn’t accept the reality that her son was dead.

“Today, when Jason helped me, he reminded me of my son. He was just like Jason when he was a kid, and so, I have something I’d like to give Jason.”

Alfred then took out a tiny parcel out of his pocket and handed it to Jason. “Consider this a small reward for your kindness, Jason. This is very close to my heart, and I always wanted to give it to someone who would appreciate it….”


Stella said they couldn’t possibly accept the gift, but Alfred insisted.

When they arrived home, Jason opened the tiny box and found a key inside. There was also a note there which read, “This key belongs to my safety deposit box. I had saved a modest sum for my son’s education, but I never got to put it to use. My wife and I had decided to give the money to someone who deserved it, and if you’re reading this, our wish has been granted. I hope it can help you in the future. Alfred and Linda.”

Neither Stella nor Jason could believe that a complete stranger would do something like that for them.

Some years alter, Jason finished school and joined the police forces. He then decided to track Alfred down, but he learned that he had passed. Jason regretted he didn’t try to find Alfred before.


One day, when he learned where the old man was buried, Jason bought a bouquet and visited his grave. “Thank you for helping me, Alfred,” he said. “When mom and I needed money for my education, the funds you gave me came in handy. Thank you for that, and rest in peace…”

This story is a beautiful reminder that every kindness, no matter how small, always goes a long way.

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