Body of trapped firefighter recovered 24 hours after he died into a massive blaze at an assisted living facility

Because of the extent of the damage, rescuers were unable to locate Jared Lloyd for more than a day.


It takes bravery to be a firefighter. These people are aware they put their own lives on the line with each call they receive, but they still do it, because they know that if it wasn’t for them, many lives can be lost.

On Tuesday, around 1 a.m., a fire was reported to have broken out at Evergreen Court Home for Adults in Spring Valley, New York. First responders came to the scene in no time and did all in their power to get each of the residents to safety. Unfortunately, one of the firefighters, Jared Lloyd, got trapped inside the building and nothing could be done to help him.

His body was located 24 hours after the fire started.

One of the residents also lost their life. Two other firefighters, along with 10 other residents, were injured and hospitalized.

The staff at the facility home got involved in the rescue as well. “They did some tremendous work, life savings, before the fire department got there,” Garfield Bryan, an administrator at the facility, told CBS2. “People was all over the place. It quickly  started to look like a war zone.”

Rockland County Fire Coordinator Chris Kear said: “Blackout conditions, high heat. We’re protected by our ensemble, gear, mask, as firefighters. You can imagine what the residents that are trapped are going through. That gives us the extra Herculean effort to find these people.”

30 residents were rescued and taken to safety. Sadly, Jared Lloyd died in the blaze. He had been working as a volunteer firefighter for 15 years.

Rest in peace, brave man. Your courage will never be forgotten.