Beloved Service Dog Gets a Final Goodbye From The Ottawa Police After 9 Years of Service

He will be terribly missed.


In order for a canine to become part of a K9 unit, they need to undergo training where they would learn how to assist the police officers and other law-enforcement personnel in solving cases of missing people, detecting narcotics and weapons, chasing suspects, and patrolling sensitive areas.

These dogs are valuable members of the police department and the community where they serve. They put their life on the line when taking part in complex missions and we are grateful for their sacrifice.

Axle, a 14-year-old German Shepherd and a K9 officer passed away and The Ottawa police bid farewell to him. He was part of the unit for nine years.

“Rest easy, Axle. You were a tremendous asset to your city and you will be missed.” The Ottawa police posted on their Twitter.

German Shepherds posses all he qualities of becoming service dogs. They are highly loyal and intelligent. According to the German Shepherd Dog Club of America, “[The first German Shepherd was a] working sheepherder, requiring no training other than direction and finish to become proficient at the task.”

Currently, there are 11 service dogs of this breed working with the Ottawa Sun Unit.