Baby speaks his first word at just 2 months old

He's so gifted!


Most moms and dads are eagerly looking forward to witnessing each and every milestone their bundle of joy reaches. When you think about it, children growing up comes with a number of difficulties but even more reasons for celebrations. The little ones’ first tooth, their first word, the first steps. Well, the list is endless.

However, as most kids start speaking after their turn one, and even later, one very special baby knows how to say the word mom at only two months old.

In case you don’t trust us, you can just take a look at the video of baby Jimmy which his parents took so that they could prove they weren’t the only ones who heard him speak.

Source: YouTube

Once the sweet boy said mom, his mom and dad made sure the camera was rolling so that they were certain it wasn’t just something they imagined hearing the first time. Well, Jimmy is ahead of the rest of the babies I know. He will surely grow up into a cute and talkative boy.

The incredibly cute video has been seen over 3.5 million times. Check it out below.