Baby Cockatoo jumps in excitement seeing dad gets home from work

This baby Cockatoo will make your day!


We always speak of cats and dogs as of the perfect pets one can ever have because they are always willing to play and run around, but the truth is that every animal, including birds, can be awesome companions.

The sweet Cockatoo from the video below proves this to be right. Same as the four-legged pals who always wait for their owners to get back home, Cockatoo Onni is eagerly waiting to see his dad and is looking straight out of the window until he gets.

The moment dad’s car gets parked at the driveway, Onni gets so thrilled that he can’t wait to greet him and give him a kiss. Believe it or not, Onni rushes towards the stairs and screams in exhilaration.

Seeing baby Onni jumping in excitement has to be the best thing you’ll see all day.

Check the cute video below and tell us if you too own a pet that loves you this much.