Atheist asks God ‘Why are humans so dark and doomed?’ – The answer he received amazed him

In 1982 Mellen Thomas died of terminal brain cancer for an hour and a half, but came back to tell the unbelievable story of the things he saw in the afterlife...


Near death experiences can be both a curse and a blessing. Those who have ever experienced such a unique occurence have a lot to say about the world they saw on the other side.

Whether one believes in the existence of life after death and the concepts of heaven and hell or not, what people who have died and then returned witnessed is chilling, to say the least.

The story of a man named Mellen Thomas Benedict is one of the most studied near death experiences in the world. What he went through has been researched thoroughly, and scientist still face mysteries they cannot find the answers to.

It was in 1982 when Mellen Thomas died of terminal brain cancer and survived to tell the unbelievable story of the things he saw in the afterlife. To everyone’s disbelief and surprise, this man was dead for nearly an hour and a half before he woke up again.

In his book Life after Death, Depak Chopra has dubbed Mellen “the encyclopedia of the afterlife.”

Mellen spoke of his afterlife experience and said: “Before my near-death experience, I tried all sorts of alternative healing methods. None helped. So I determined that this was between me and God. I had never really considered God. Neither was I into any kind of spirituality. But my approaching death sent me on a quest for more information about spirituality and alternative healing. I read various religions and philosophies. They gave hope that there was something on the other side.

“I woke up about 4:30 am and I knew that this was it. I was going to die. I called a few friends and said good-bye. I woke up Anne and made her promise that my dead body would remain undisturbed for six hours, since I had read that all kinds of interesting things happen when you die. I went back to sleep. The next thing I remember, I was fully aware and standing up. Yet my body was lying in the bed. I seemed to be surrounded by darkness, yet I could see every room in the house, and the roof, and even under the house.”

Being an atheist his entire life, Mellen recalled asking God about the religions, and which one was the right one.

“I asked God: ‘What is the best religion on the planet? Which one is right?’ And Godhead said, with great love: ‘I don’t care.’ That was incredible grace.”

He then asked about humans and was eager to learn why they are doomed. The answer he received, according to him, was a shocking one.

For more on this remarkable story of life and death and Mellen’s conversations with God and the light go to the video below.

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