Abandoned dog with broken spirit heals after being rescued

Starling transformation, isn't it?


This world is a much better place thanks to people like Eldad Hagar, the founder of Hope for Paws. Over the years, this man, together with his crew, has helped save the lives of thousands of stray animals. The following story is just one of the many which show Hagar offering a helpless animal a new lease on life.

When he and a fellow animal rescuer Annie Hart were told about an abandoned dog living under a trailer, they rushed to the scene.

It turned out that the poor soul named Theo was abandoned by his family which moved places over a year ago and left him behind. This heartbreaking experience made Theo lose trust in people. He behaved in a strange manner and didn’t allow anyone to approach him.

Source: Hope for Paws

Eldad and Annie knew how to gain Theo’s trust, although it took some time before he let them get near him.

Theo’s fur was matted and he was terrified, but he soon understood these people were there to save him, and that is exactly what happened. After he was medically examined, his rescuers helped him get rid of the fur.

With the care and the love from his rescuers, Theo turned into a completely new dog. He is now healthy, happy, and comfortable around people. What’s most, he looks totally adorable.

For his new life and his incredible transformation check out the video below. Thank you Hope for Paws for another saved life.