8-year-old boy dies in hospital: 2 weeks later, mom freezes when she hears him whisper 1 word

Her husband and son died in a car crash driving home from church – but the medics brought her son back to life. As soon as he opened his eyes, the young boy revealed what he had seen..


A family of three, Julie and Andy Kemp, together with their eight-year-old son Landon, were driving back home from church when they got involved in a car crash. They were broadsided by an ambulance zipping back to its station when the tragedy struck. Unfortunately, Andy died at the scene and Julie struggled to stay conscious. When help arrived, they managed to stabilize her, but they had no idea Landon was still in the car. He was sitting in the backseat and medics only discovered him when they noticed his shoe at the scene. The car was so damaged that the boy was hidden from their sight. 


After a couple of tries, medics managed to bring Landon to life as he was found unconscious and not breathing. The boy was airlifted to the hospital where he slipped away two more times. Things didn’t look great for the young boy and his mother was told that the chances of his survival were slim. 

Doctors said that even if the boy survived, he would probably not be able to live a normal life but would rather be like an infant trapped in the body of an eight-year-old boy. 

During the two weeks after the accident, Julie was going through living hell. She buried her husband and was forced to watch her son fighting for her life. 

Landon was in a coma and it looked like he wasn’t going to make it, but then, all of a sudden, he opened his eyes. His survival was dubbed a miracle by the doctors. They were stunned to learn that despite everything he’s been through, he didn’t suffer brain damage. 


Now that Landon was awake, Julie didn’t know how to tell him about his father. She asked him if he knew what had happened to him, to which Landon replied: “Yes, I saw him.” He claimed that he also saw one of his father’s friends who had died a month before his dad passed away. Landon also saw the friend’s son. “Never one of us said a word to each other, but we were just all standing there,” the boy recounted. 

To Julie’s surprise, her son told her that among those he saw while he was in a coma were his mom’s two other children. She didn’t understand what he was talking about at first, but then she remembered. 

Discover what Landon endured and what he really saw in the video below. It definitely will reaffirm your faith. 

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