73-year-old elephant who spent her life experiencing only violence is finally rescued and taken to a new home

"Sook Jai reached up her trunk to smell her new home, sending low rumbles out into the field, tears running down her face."


Animals are meant to be respected and left to live their life freely in their natural habitat. Sadly, because of the human greed, many are held in captivity and forced to serve as slaves.

Sook Jai is an elephant who has spent all her life experiencing violence by her handlers. She was used for trekking as a tourist elephant and was left on the streets to beg for money. The way she was treated during the 73 years of her life took its toll and Sook Jai ended up both blind and deaf.

Luckily, she was finally rescued and given a chance to spend the rest of her life free and loved.

Elephant News posted a video of this incredible creature’s life story and wrote, “Sook Jai’s life is much the same as every captive elephant, working many different jobs over the course of their lives, some more arduous than others, all an affront to their dignity. Sook Jai’s life passed through the hands of a number of men. She moved from job to job and from one place to another, working relentlessly until falling down.”

At the time she was taken to the Elephant Nature Park, her new forever home, Sook Jai’s body was all covered in wounds. The journey from the Kanchanaburi province, west Thailand, where Sook Jai was found, to the Elephant Nature Park took around 20 hours. Her rescuers made sure she was comfortable at all times.

“On the ride, she looked very hungry but would not eat anything as the suspense was too much,” the website said. “After 20 hours of journey, she arrived at the park and took her first step to the sanctuary. Sook Jai was very easy to get off of the truck to her new home.”

Incredibly, despite being blind and deaf, Sook Jai could feel she was at a better place. She expressed her relief by shedding tears of joy.

“Sook Jai reached up her trunk to smell her new home, sending low rumbles out into the field, tears running down her face,” Elephant News wrote on YouTube. “A peaceful life is hers now. Though her eyes are dim and hearing faint, we hope that love will be a light for her living.”

Everyone who has seen the video of this lovely creature’s rescue was overwhelmed. People from all over the world expressed their gratitude to Sook Jai’s rescuers for everything they did for her and for teaching her that not all humans are bad.

One person wrote, “I cried the moment I saw she cried and waiving her trunk. She knows she’s free now. Please save and rescue more and more elephants, together we can do it!” Another added, “Absolutely wonderful to see her finally rescued. May the time she has left make up for her harsh life of labour & cruelty. Thank you to her rescuers.”

Sook Jai’s rescuers say she’s very intelligent and adjusted to her new life and new home easily. Despite her disabilities, she’s navigating around on her own and shows very strong spirit and personality.