4-year-old girl feeds and controls 6 Pit Bulls

The little girl stood between six hungry Pit Bulls and their food. What happened next left us speechless!


Although they were once considered America’s favorite breed and were widely used as nanny dogs, pit bulls are nowadays considered one of the most aggressive dogs. Unfortunately, this belief is a result of the way humans treated them throughout the years. Used as fighting dogs and forced into violence, it’s not surprising they are branded as dangerous.

A woman named Nina Wahl is a pit bull lover who wants to change the stigma attached to these otherwise loving and gentle canines. How she did it? By posting a video of her four year old niece trying to control and feed six of them. The clip went viral and thousands of people took a stand. Many said how she put the life of the girl in danger, whereas other only took the video as a definite proof that Pit Bulls are in fact amazing animals.

The little girl could be seen carrying food for the hungry dogs. They stand still and don’t move even an inch until the little lady puts the food in their bowls and counts to three before she gives them a command to start munching on their lunch.

Their discipline is incredible. Their self-control too.

The video has been seen more than 15 million times.

We guess it only speaks of the fact that dogs’ behavior depends on the way they were trained and brought up and doesn’t have to do with their breed.

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