19 mysterious things only internet ‘detectives’ could identify

19 mysterious things only internet "detectives" could identify... How many of them can you identify? Check the comments.


Has it ever happened that you stumbled upon an odd object whose purpose was totally questionable? If yes, you are not alone.

There are plenty of objects people used in the past that are no longer popular, and when we find them in our basements, the attics, or other places, we can’t help but question what they were used for. Luckily, we have the Internet today and we rely heavily on it and the netizens to unravel these mysteries.

1. Cuneiform Tablet from the Louvre

This object, with a heavy chunk of metal that had retained its color for decades, turned out to be a cuneiform tablet, commonly sold as a souvenir at the Louvre and other museums.

2. Lockout/Tagout Gang Lock

Another object that gathered the attention of Internet users was a type of clamp that wouldn’t open beyond a certain point. netizens were quick to identify it as a gang lock used for Lockout/Tagout in workplaces, ensuring the safety of multiple people working with equipment.

3. Mystery Keychain Attachment

Someone found a random metal object that turned out to be used as a key chain attachment.

4. Antique Butcher’s Thumb Protector

If you’re unsure of its purpose, this item can be quite puzzling. After asking for some help online, the person who found it learned it was an antique butcher’s thumb protector.

5. Blue Reflective Markers for Animal Safety

If you have ever spotted these blue reflective markers on trees facing a field, the answer is they serve the purpose of reflecting car headlights towards the fields, helping animals avoid crossing the road.

6. Hand Warmer with Gel and Metal Disc

This small pouch with red gel and a metal disc inside is actually a hand warmer. Clicking the metal disc triggers a chemical reaction that heats up the pad, and it can be recharged by boiling it in water.

7. Clay Modeling Instruments or Cake-Decorating Tools

These tools a person found inside the apartment he had currently moved in turned out to be either clay modeling tools or cake-decorating tools. You choose.

8. The Wooden Box

Someone found such a box and after opening it, they noticed more wooden pieces in different colors. As they had no idea what the purpose of those colorful slats were, they asked the Reddit community for help. It turned out the box was a Montessori toy designed to teach kids the colors and improve their matching skills as well as provide a fun and interactive learning experience.

9. Baby Bottle and Glass Drainer

This spiky plastic item turned out to be a baby bottle and glass drainer.

10. Neon Rainbow Acrylic Support Tiles for Mahjong

Obtaining fluorescent rainbow acrylic mystery sticks from a thrift shop left someone perplexed. Internet sleuths determined they were acrylic support tiles for playing Mahjong.

11. Occupancy Sensor for Office Workstations

A device affixed beneath an office desk left someone questioning its purpose. It was identified as an occupancy sensor designed to assist in organizing workstations within an office.

12. Boy Scouts Neckerchief Slide

This small metal ornament buried on a rural farm featuring an eagle, Flor de Lis, and rope pattern turned out to be a Boy Scouts neckerchief slide.

13. Mesh Bed Bug Detector

Staying in a hotel room and noticing a red-flashing light emanating from a rubber piece on the bed leg? It’s actually a mesh bed bug detector.

14. Ruling Pen for Calligraphy

This rather strange and unique item with a metal dial on the top is actually a ruling pen for drawing with ink or other drawing fluids.

15. Old Puzzle Called Octo-mania

Someone stumbled upon a wooden box with six numbered wooden cubes inside. After asking the netizens for help, they learned it was an old game called Octo-mania.

16. Tool for Leather Manipulation

If you were the one discovering this wooden tool with a metal part marked with the letter A, you would be as curious as the person who wondered what its purpose might be. t is, in fact, a tool designed for softening, imprinting, and cutting leather.

17. Hair Scissors Key for Adjusting Hair Clippers

This cog-like metallic ‘tag’ found in a hairdressing kit is actually a hair scissors key used for adjusting hair clippers.

18. Shoe Polisher in a Compressible Sponge

This item, a compressible sponge soaked in a clear, oily, odorless substance someone received at a conference, turned out to be a shoe polisher.

19. Mosquito-Repellent Ankle Device

Someone shared a picture of a man wearing an ankle device at a Caribbean resort and was curious about its purpose. Internet detectives identified it as a mosquito-repellent device.

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