10-year-old migrant left behind by the group asks agent for help and says he’s afraid for his life in a heartbreaking footage

This breaks my heart!


What has the world come to? We witness horrible things happening every single day; people suffering, losing their jobs, struggling to make ends meet. The footage below is just another example that we are doing something wrong. If not every single person is provided with conditions for a decent life, then things need to change, and they need to change asap.

A 10 year-old-boy, confused and frightened, approached an off duty Border Patrol agent asking for help. The poor boy was a migrant from Nicaragua, but was left behind by the group he was part of when he fell asleep.

ABC 7 reported that the legitimacy of the footage was confirmed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection and added that it was taken “on a rainy day in La Grulla, a small community near Rio Grande City just north of the Texas-Mexico border.”

As he got near the officer, the crying boy asked in Spanish: “Can you help me?”

The agent asked him what happened, to what the boy answered that the group dumped him and that he was afraid and concerned that someone might kidnap him.

A CBP spokesperson commented the heartbreaking incident and said: “Scenes like these are all too common, as smugglers continue to abandon children in desolate areas, with zero regard for their well-being.”

After the footage emerged, it was reported that the boy was fed and provided medical help. His family was contacted, and at the time, he is transferred to custody of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Refugee Resettlement, as per ABC 7.

The U.S government declared a crisis at the border in 2014 to address the issue with a huge number of unattended children, as well women, migrating through border checkpoints into the country, especially into Texas.