London is known for having public pianos placed throughout the city, but you never know what kind of performer is going to step up to touch the keys next. 9-year-old Asta Dora Finnsdottir is from Iceland but was on holiday in London when she and her family came across one of the public pianos. As a lover of music, Asta knew she needed to play a piece on the keys. What locals, however, didn’t know is just how musically gifted the tiny girl was.


Asta and her family came across the piano at the Crossrail Place Roof Garden in Canary Wharf. So she took a seat and began to play a stunning rendition of Rondo Alla Turca, also known as “The Turkish March.” In no time one man stood by her side and refused to leave. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. This girl was incredibly gifted, causing him to watch on and enjoy her musical ability.


Although the station appears to be quite empty there are a few people that begin to pass by – and slowly an audience starts to trickle in from behind her. Everyone is completely shocked by the sight they are witnessing. Asta makes it look effortless as her hands glide across the keys, leaving a sweet sound in their wake. Towards the end a woman in a coat watches in complete awe, finally giving her a high five at the end of the girls performance. Watch Asta’s talent for yourself in the video below. The girl is absolutely gifted!

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