Shopping stores like Goodwill attract lots of people on a daily basis because they offer great deals for pretty valuable items one can’t find anywhere else. This is why most customers have the habit of walking around the aisles carefully, looking for bargains or items that can literally leave them shaking.

This is what happened to a woman from Ohio who was shopping at the Jupiter, Florida Goodwill.


Julie Anne Lisi and her husband Mike were at the shop, hoping to stumble upon some interesting items, when there at the lower shelf was an item that caught Julie’s eye. She noticed an old baseball glove that somehow looked pretty familiar. When she reached for it, she realized it had her son’s name “Christopher Lisi” written on it. She even recognized the handwriting as her son’s. That’s when her knees started shaking. She told WPTV News, “My knees got wobbly and I got weak and scared.”


The amazing thing about that glove was that it somehow vanished 40 years ago, and they had no idea where or how. When Julie Anne called her husband over and showed him the item she found, he was as surprised as she was. The glove disappeared in Ohio, and it was a real mystery how it ended up in a store in Florida where their retirement home is. What they did next was contacting their son who told them to purchase his long lost belonging which even contained Julie Anne’s handwriting on the inside.

This is one of those amazing stories that show us how incredible and surprising life can be. For more details on this story take a look at the video below. You will learn how much money the couple paid for the priceless discovery.

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