We all agree that otters are super cute and utterly adorable! While they may look cuddly from a distance, what happens when you encounter one in the wild? Would they enjoy a quick pat? Or would they bear their teeth and hustle away into the wilderness?

Well, one curious group of friends found out exactly what happens during a trip to the beach. It all started when an inquisitive little otter swam up to them…


This otter wasn’t a stranger to the group! They first noticed the critter playing in the water a good distance away from their location when they arrived at the beach. But when the humans entered the water, the otter began to swim right toward them.

Investigating beachgoers was now the otter’s top priority!

The cute creature swam right up to the humans but singled out one man in particular! He was going to be his new best friend — no if, ands or buts about it! Instead of thinking the human was a threat, the otter sniffed, nibbled and played around the legs of the man.


To the group’s disbelief, the otter spent several minutes playing with, getting rubs from and inspecting his new friend. Everything about the man fascinated the otter and he wanted to take in each detail. Why was he so tall? He sure smelled different! Does he love to eat sea urchins and mussels too?

Sadly, just as fast as he came, the charming little otter left without warning.

Animals are more intuitive than humans realize! Rather than being scared of or trying to exploit the inquisitive otter, this group took a step back, allowed him space and didn’t try to harm him. They got to experience a once-in-a-lifetime encounter and they did so with respect!


Check out this otter-ly ridiculous occurrence in the video below. What a friendly critter!

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