When you get married it’s the joining of two people, a joining of souls, they will share many stories with each other in their shared spaces and learn about each other’s personalities in their shared space.

JW Godwin lives in Cecil, Alabama and is married to his gorgeous bride KC, they are really happy!

Facebook/KC Godwin

Bot KC and JW adore kids and currently have five, just to keep things interesting, of course. In fact, you might say that they have so many kids that it’s hard to manage their own personal care needs.

Even though that may well be the case KC still does find a way to look after herself, and keep looking great on the outside, and as great as she feels on the inside too.

Facebook/KC Godwin

KC was having some personal time in the bathroom when JW heard a real commotion and load screams…

Being the awesome husband that he was he jumped up and ran upstairs to his wife, he imagined she has fallen and hurt herself. When he got there, instead of helping her he grabbed his cell phone and started filming!!

Facebook/JW Goodwin

He had seen that KC was not scared or hurt, she was laughing as one of her tricks for vanity had gone quite wrong…

KC stood behind the door, covered almost head to toe in a dusting of black, with some specks on the floor and the counter too, JW wondered what on earth it was?

Facebook/JW Goodwin

KC, who at this point was cracking up – finally revealed how her new found method to whiten teeth with charcoal had backfired! This is when JW couldn’t resist adding in his two funny cents about just how white his wife’s teeth looked.

At this point the whole picture was completely hilarious, the two of them are bursting with laughter, and so were we!

This is why JW and KC and well over 150,000 others are laughing too…

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