Wife Builds Her Own “She Shed” And Now I’m Totally Jealous

This is the story of how one woman turned an old hunting cabin into a shabby-chic Victorian hideaway nestled in the beautiful Catskills — and despite the fact she’s happily married, Sandra’s got it all to herself. In fact, that’s the whole idea.

After Sandra and Todd got married and moved into a big farmhouse, Sandra realized that she and her husband lived much differently than she thought. He’s messy, she’s neat. He collects tractors and tools, she likes sparse vintage decor. He wants to live in a man cave, she wants to live in a place that looks straight out of a magazine. With financial stress adding up — and without being able to put her passion for decorating to use — Sandra felt like her spirit was completely broken.

In 2007, Sandra and Todd moved into a wooded property that came with a trailer and run-down hunting cabin.  In 2009, she got to work on turning that disheveled box of a cabin into the cottage of her dreams, all by herself. In 2010, The New York Times wrote, “Armed with a crowbar, hammer and electrical saw, she removed the front of the cabin and extended the floor and porch, using salvaged floorboards. She framed out the porch and found columns, a screen door and hardware…” She found most of the furnishings on Craigslist or at local yard sales. And when she was all finished, Sandra was absolutely ecstatic. This tiny home not only serves as her studio, but also her personal refuge.

We’ve seen this trend of the “She Shed” before; in an attempt to find some calm in their chaotic worlds, women all over are transforming ordinary garden sheds into blissful retreats. Step inside Sandra’s amazing she shed in the video below, and prepare to want one of your own.

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