Christopher James was staying at the parking lot in front of the Chick-fil-A restaurant when he noticed something unbelievably touching. So, he took his phone out and captured the whole thing.

A homeless man was sitting in front of the restaurant trying to sell some CD’s to the passersby with a sign written on a piece of a cardboard box. However, selling things to customers was against the restaurant policy. As anyone would expect, the manager came out of the restaurant and headed towards the guy, and just when Christopher thought he would witness a homeless man being brutally expelled from the lawn, the amazing thing happened.

The restaurant manager appeared to be a sympathetic and understanding young lady that took the time to explain the homeless man whose name was Charlie that they had a no-soliciting policy which meant he had to move away and find another selling spot. But, the manager offered something even better, a meal at her restaurant. So after they shook hands, she handed him juice and something to eat.

This wouldn’t have been anything special if we all treat homeless people as we treat any other person who has a roof over their head. The sad reality is that the number of homeless people is raising every day despite the struggle of the country to put an end to it. Homelessness is an issue that affects all the countries, starting from underdeveloped places, to Europe and the US. But, even greater problem is how these people are treated by the rest. Before we judge them we should always ask ourselves what caused those individuals to end up on the streets. Their every day is a struggle and we have to have that in mind anytime we judge their life.

The real reason Christopher posted the video on YouTube and social media is because he believes the Chick-fil-A’s restaurant manager taught us a valuable lesson on how to behave towards those who are less fortunate than us. He also believed the restaurant and the lady should receive the recognition they deserve.

What do you think ?