When we hear that someone is in the military we immediately feel appreciation and admiration knowing that those people are the reason why we sleep peacefully at night. Military men not only sacrifice losing their lives, but they may also miss some of the most memorable events of life such as birthdays, weddings, and holidays. But, do we ever think of those whom these people leave behind while deployed? Relatives and wives live in anticipation for the life of their loved ones every single day. Children are left wondering why their dad didn’t make it to their school recital. So, being a military mom and wife means being brave and strong enough to endure for yourself and your children.

Sometimes, these these moms and children need the words of support from others such as the compassionate waitress Sabrina from the Texas Roadhouse in Virginia.


Little Ben was so proud of the fact his daddy was fighting for the country that he couldn’t wait to share that with the waitress from the restaurant where he and his mom were having dinner. As he started sharing his story, Sabrina was there eagerly waiting to hear it.

When she learned how much the boy an his mother missed their husband and dad, Sabrina decided to cheer them up by doing something amazing. She talked to her fellow colleagues and they came up with the idea to treat Ben and his mom the dinner they had. So instead of a receipt, they got a heartwarming note and Emily, Ben’s mom, couldn’t hold her tears back as she read what it said.


We are happy there still people like Sabrina who are kind and sympathetic. These people make the world go round. Take a look at the video of the kind gesture.

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