No one likes to think about growing old and ultimately dying, but it’s something we should all keep in the back of our minds to help remember to live every day to the fullest. Of course, sometimes life gets in its own way of achieving that when responsibilities pile up and put off your grand adventures. That’s why things like bucket lists exist! One last chance for someone to complete the things they’ve always dreamed of doing, no matter how old they’ve gotten.

For some, it’s all about finding the craziest, most extreme funwhile they still have the chance. Other times, it can be astrange yet simple thrill they’d never have the opportunity to experience on a regular basis. For the 92-year-old animal lover in the video below, all he wanted was a trip to the zoo.

His name is Jim, and after enduring three separate wounds in battle, he took that experience and founded the Therapy Dog Program at St. John Ambulance in Saskatoon, Canada. Despite all his affection for animals, however, he had never stepped foot inside a park. In fact, he still hasn’t, but that’s only because an Ontario park decided to bring the experience straight to him!

Sitting in his wheelchair, Jim immediately becomes emotional as he greets the gorgeous lions. Safely under the protection of the big cats’ caretakers, he receives some sweet kisses from the adult and snuggles from two cubs. Watching the joy spread across his face as he spends quality time with these beloved creatures made my heart feel like it was growing three more sizes.

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